Blond & Braun Easy Hair EuroLocs Human Hair Extensions

What is the Blond & Braun Easy Hair EuroLocs Human Hair Extensions technique?

In 2002, I was a the IBS Beauty Show in the Jacob Javits Center in New York.  I met a very European gentleman from Austria.  I think his name was Felix.  He showed me a hair extension technique that used a pre-tipped stick and colored metal shells to come out with “Easy Hair” a EuroLocking technique as his brochure stated.  Coming from a hair extension method that utilized 2 people to install 1 single hair extension strand, I was sold by this 1 person installation!  I told Felix I wanted to learn this method and he referred me to a hair replacement company in the US who taught this.  I paid $1600 to learn this technique which was taught to me in under 5 min.  No certification, nor support was given.  I was not happy with that.

Throughout the years, many of Felix’s confidants ventured out on their own and went on to, (as the rumor goes) to “copy” his invention and when I went back to the IBS Beauty Show in the Jacob Javits Center in New York, those confidants who sold Felix’s EuroLocs the year before started selling their version and soon there were HairLocs, Short2Long to name a few.  Some went on to use shorter rings to install these pre-tipped stick-link hair strands.  And from afar the look screams “tackiness” as you can see from the depiction below.  Hair Extensions suppose to look like 1 hair length with very little tale-tell signs.

Needless to say, the company did not last and I had to venture out to find better hair and tips and great shells.  And after 15+ years the hunt still continues as I haven’t seen the best hair, tips, shells so far.  This technique has just been too overly saturated without any quality control over the hair and the shells that it makes it harder for hair extensionists to buy and test them all.

But as far as the method is concerned, Felix’s technique to fold the metal shells 2x versus 1x fold as we see in the Internet today, is by far the best locking technique I’ve experienced.  It is most natural and from afar, it looks like fusion hair extensions!  Thank you Felix for your great invention!  I wish Blond & Braun Easy Hair EuroLocs Human Hair Extensions would have stayed forever.  Until now, all we had was “tackiness”, until I’ve came across… Shrink Links & MicroTabs Reusable Customizable Human Hair Extensions

Best Candidates for Blond & Braun Easy Hair EuroLocs Human Hair Extensions

  • Those who want to run their fingers through their scalp.
  • Those who want to reuse their hair extensions.
  • Those who want a no-heat installation.
  • Those who want to bring in their own stick hair (not responsible for hair quality).
  • Those who want immediate results.

Blond & Braun Easy Hair EuroLocs Human Hair Extensions Credentials

As I mentioned in the summary above, there were no certifications given.

TheSecretMane Reusable Hair Extension Portfolio

More Before & Afters

This image is the actual hair and shells that came directly from Europe from a EuroLocs supplier.

What’s the Cost for TheSecretMane Reusable Hair Extensions?

Rule of Thumb: The cost of a women’s long haircut and style at that particular salon location multiplied by 3 as hair extensions typically last 3 months on the average = the hourly labor cost + the cost of the hair = the total price excluding any chemical services + products.   The hair cost factors are amount, length, color(s), textures and most importantly the quality.

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