Bonus Offer

You help me, I’ll help you!


I will give you an additional up to 50% discount on your next hair purchase with a helpful review. Photos and videos earn huge discounts!

Why am I offering this?

Because reviews are important to shoppers like you and they’re important to me in deciding to keep the hair, tweak it or get rid of it. Thanks a million!

How to receive Bonus Offer

  1. Make any hair purchase in this site.
  2. Submit a video and/or photos for review by forwarding a copy of your store receipt.  Face can be hidden but real faces will earn much more discounts.
  3. Wait for approval.
  4. Receive a coupon code for up to 50% off next entire purchase including hair!

When does the Coupon Expire?

Within 7 days after approval of your testimony.

Actual Customer example video