Clem Lue Yat Master Hair Weaver

What is the Clem Lue Yat Master Hair Weaver technique?

I was trained in 2000 on the Clem Lue Yat Master Hair Weaver technique which uses no braids to create a track for the sew in wefts.  Clem Lue Yat is known by many African American and Caribbean women for his “no lumps, no bumps, no braids” techniques.  His techniques are more advanced than many hair braiding salons.  Quite advanced that he’s sought by beauty queens.

Throughout my years of doing the Clem Lue Yat Master Hair Weaver technique, I had encountered many Caucasian women with hair that was too silky and too smooth to properly hold up this technique.  Their hair is unsuitable.  Thus, I invented my own version so that the weaves on fine, silky hair will stay as great as Clem Lue Yat’s African American and Caribbean women clientele.  So far it’s been a hit at my salon, but I owe it all to Clem Lue Yat for the education.

Best Candidates for Clem Lue Yat Master Hair Weaves

  • Those who want a quick service in 2-3 hours.
  • Those who want to bring in their own wefted hair (not responsible for hair quality).
  • Those who want immediate results.

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What’s the Cost for TheSecretMane Weave?

Rule of Thumb: The cost of a women’s long haircut and style at that particular salon location multiplied by 3 as hair extensions typically last 3 months on the average = the hourly labor cost + the cost of the hair = the total price excluding any chemical services + products.   The hair cost factors are amount, length, color(s), textures and most importantly the quality.

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