Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs

What is Cyberhair?

Cyberhair is a worldwide patented man-made hair that looks and feels like human hair wet or dry.  Cyberhair is used to make hairpieces/systems, wigs and hair extensions.  This video shows Cyberhair compared to human hair and other types of man-made hair.

What is the Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs appointment procedure?

I started offering Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs after my success with Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair

Whereas Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair are preferred by those with thin or fine hair, clients with bald spots and no hair wanted Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs.

Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs can be bought immediately or ordered custom.

To order a customized Cyberhair Piece or Wig, you’ll need to have a proper head impression and samples taken of your hair or you may choose from photos or samples.  This is shipped out, and just like one gets fitted for brand new dentures, you’ll receive your custom order in about 1-3 months.

How is Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs applied?

Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs are applied like any regular Human Hair Pieces & Wigs; bonding, clips, elastic, beads, thread, to name a few.

Best Candidates for Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs

  • Those who want the most durable, never shedding Pieces & Wigs money can buy.
  • Those who had negative experiences with Human Hair Pieces & Wigs that they want something more natural.
  • Those with very active lifestyles, especially those who love swimming with Hair Pieces & Wigs.
  • Those who want to spend money on quality Hair Pieces & Wigs every 1-2 years.
  • Those who want easy carefree hair styles that fall into place with minimal styling.
  • Those who want hair colors and textures that will never fade.
  • Great for active lifestyle kids!

Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs Credentials

Cyberhair Pieces & Wigs Portfolio

More Before & Afters of Cyberhair and other techniques.

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