Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations

What are Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations technique?

In 2002 in the IBS Beauty Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, I met Dawn Harrison, founder of Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations.  What caught my eyes was that her brochures depicted a woman who lifted up all her hair extensions and there were no tale-tell signs of any attachment.  I bought the kit and VHS tape and learned how to install the skin grafting cosmetic procedure.

It became an instant hit for my clients with Trichotillomania!  As time went by, the Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations company gave rights to a hair distributor to sell their remaining hair.  Every time I tried to order new hair, I was told that it’s not available or it had to be custom made.  And this was something I wasn’t used to as, you know, with Trichotillomania clients, they need hair ASAP.  Eventually, I discovered other suppliers that sold similar skin grafting pieces.  I still have whatever remaining Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations pieces left and in an effort to sell one of my last remaining Invisible Hair Extensions, I was swarmed with numerous YouTubers asking me about the hair.  It grew to be an instant hit!

Today, whatever remaining hair I have left of my Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations collection, I can say that these pieces are very durable and long lasting compared to the others I’ve tried.  They hold true to Dawn’s motto; “all you see and feel is hair”.  Last I heard, the Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations are available only as a custom order.  So you’ll have to wait a good 2 months minimum to get your hands on one.  It is patented.

Best Candidates for Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations

  • Those who have bald spots and thinning hair that do not support the weight of regular hair extensions.
  • Those who have Trichotillomania or Traction Alopecia.
  • Those who want “all you see and feel is hair” method.
  • Those who want to customize their hair extensions to whatever length, textures, colors.
  • Those who want immediate results.

Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations Credentials

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What’s the Cost for Invisible Hair Extensions & Integrations?

Rule of Thumb: The cost of a women’s long haircut and style at that particular salon location multiplied by 3 as hair extensions typically last 3 months on the average = the hourly labor cost + the cost of the hair = the total price excluding any chemical services + products.   The hair cost factors are amount, length, color(s), textures and most importantly the quality.

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