ProStyles Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions

What is the ProStyles Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions technique?

I was trained in 2003 on the ProStyles Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions technique which uses Prohair, made of synthetic fiber and a tiny braid that heat seals the fiber to create a long, thick and lightweight hair extension strand.  The loose synthetic fiber in itself is the hair and attachment all in one.  This method reminds me of the Dome Hair Extension technique I learned in 1991.

I wanted to offer a more affordable hair extension method that was easy to stock up without having to order hair. Because it’s synthetic fiber, I can easily altered it’s colors, lengths and textures all in one visit.  One teacher taught me that when he blended the pink and green synthetic fibers, the color appeared blonde.  The possibilities are endless.

Best Candidates for ProStyles Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions

  • Those who love colorful hair that stays true and never fades.
  • Those who want a quick service.
  • Those who do not want to wear human hair.
  • Those who want inexpensive strand by strand hair.
  • Those who want immediate results.
  • Thos who want fresh new hair all the time.

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What’s the Cost for TheSecretMane Synthetic Fiber Hair Extensions?

Rule of Thumb: The cost of a women’s long haircut and style at that particular salon location multiplied by 3 as hair extensions typically last 3 months on the average = the hourly labor cost + the cost of the hair = the total price excluding any chemical services + products.   The hair cost factors are amount, length, color(s), textures and most importantly the quality.

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